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Hello, I’m Modrak, a man on a mission. I’ve embarked on a journey to financial empowerment and sustainability. Inspired by my experiences and driven by a desire for a better future, I’ve created RISE FINANCE INCOME. As a recent graduate and homeowner, I’ve navigated the complexities of personal finance and emerged victorious. Through RISE FINANCE INCOME, I share insights, techniques, and product recommendations that have transformed my financial landscape.

“Let me be clear: the information provided on this platform is not to be construed as financial advice. It’s imperative that you conduct your own research to make informed decisions tailored to your unique circumstances. I’ve harnessed the power of smart spending and strategic earning to bolster my bank balance and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.”



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“Hello Modrak, I stumbled upon one of your ETF investing post on Pinterest, then I was hooked to your website. After almost half a year of going back to your website for motivation and inspiration, and sorting my other life situation together, I am finally ready to invest! I want to say thank you for creating your blog and providing us with your tips!”

Summer S.


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“Hi MOD! I was searching the web for tips on how to make money and I found your blog. I wanted to let you know it’s really useful and well written! I’m writing you because I felt connected to your story and mostly because you don’t expose yourself. Wishing you all the best and thank you for your great content!”

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